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Le 10 avril 2015, 12:06 dans Humeurs 0

 the Shanghai index coming 4000, currently less than 40 points shy. Looking back, seven years, which makes a number of investors in shares of the sea all the way to stick his career, the mind is how emotion, life has several seven ah! ! Fortunately, we did not miss the opportunity to market Fortunately, the arrival of this wave of 4,000 points, just up the index, stocks also skyrocket, and the market is already a week are one hundred shares trading, money market effect is obvious.Break through 4,000 points, or to realize the next two days, when the market is about to step on the foot of the 4,000 points, the market there have been a lot of shouting  nike zoom hyperrev online ,000 points, million points of sound. Similarly, I do not deny that these views, A shares and be thousands of points, it's right, just a matter of time. But for those of us investors, more importantly, whether they make money, and if this wave is like the end of the first wave, only a few weight plates push

 the index, while the theme of the situation instead of falling, it is estimated that many investors do not necessarily can be happy together. I just wanted to say that this expression is far vision, operational need closer.I analyzed yesterday, breaking the 4000 What's the best way, I think the stock is to maintain the ideal trajectory shock rise, timely digestion pressure, steady run to the top of 4,000 points. And yesterday, after the market rose continuously, but there is a movement to accelerate the sprint, which will inevitably make a bunch of old minds of investors became suspicious, after all, has accumulated a huge amount of short-term profit ros nike zoom hyperchaos sale
 e plate, technical adjustment pressure was significantly increased, so Once the follow-up force sprint to keep up, it will lead to a lot of profit-taking, the adjustment is a promotion that is made.So, feeling the same time, even though we are seeing 5000, million points or, should pay attention to prevention adjustments may occur after a breakthrough 4000 points. But I also said in the broadcast, and now the bulls in the excited state, the market can go as much, who knows. At the same time, risk prevention, the operation is not timid. How much will the market crash because some precursor, common negative interference policy side, or tur

n more resonance. For the time being will have to observe a breakthrough case, now it does not yet appear in both cases, so we can still bold action.Moreover, even if the adjustment, then we need to adjust the tempo down, adjust down the market opportunity is even more and more. Just said, it is important not to make money, but for investors, money or rely on stocks, so the next, and friends can continue to take light weight stock market strategy, continue mining stocks based. Recent main ideas we have to insist, I was a recent report that the main push of the performance theme, especially in the first quarter is reported to have a high delivery of the subject matter better. Such as the million Banda, a quarterly performance jumped more than 370 percent, and the implementation of the 10 turns 20 Ultra High Transmission and Distribution program, the stock has soared in recent months nike lunar hyperdunk 2014 price over 150 percent, took the early success of two thousand three hundred forty-five Niugu, Wing Tai Group soaring banner, but also set off more large performance increase Songpei runaway stocks. As Haoningda surge 100 percent first-quarter results and the implementation of 10 get 20 program, the stock's recent five consecutive daily limit yesterday, is the highest limit. Another example is the April 10 will be ex heroic Technology, sideways a few days later another four consecutive daily limit, which shares many of my friends have bought along with a few days near 50 percent gain, snow Dillon too. This series of stocks broke out, which fully shows a large increase in the delivery of quarterly performance of stocks has been crazy, the

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Le 10 avril 2015, 12:06 dans Humeurs 0

ose more than 3 percent across the board, the market is showing broad pattern. Disk point of view, all of the four index appeared more intensity of the rise, the market has left a strong support upward gap, from the current position on the point of view, there is no significant short-term market   nike lebron 11 shoes risks, and pre-stabilized today Large blue-chip sector nonferrous metals, coal, oil, banking, real estate turns upside appeared to help the market continue to attack up, and sector capital inflows obvious signs, the outlook remains bullish! Technically, the market is currently strong upward along the 5 day moving average attack, and left an upward upward gap, from the intensity of the entire K-line in terms of short-term strong upside attitude has been completely demonstrated appeared, and now there is a risk the larger is the pre-pulled overly large stocks, these shares on the market outlook we must pay attention to avoid the operation, the amount of energy point of view, the market today, there have been incremental funding amount of energy admission of evidence, the market outlook is expected to continue strong, technical indicators

point of view, KDJ MACD appear, short-term buy signal has been given, the operation can be bold! Operation, continue to breed as well as the layout of stagflation-than-expected annual stocks. Specific attention years after the big increase consumption, environmental protection, medicine, water and other relatively backward sections. Every dish soaring to rational treatment, and must not blindly chasing the high.    nike kobe 6 saleOverall: A stock has entered full expansion of short squeeze! Especially during the holidays, the mainstream media for the stock market hit a shot in the arm, making 4000 just around the corner! Huatai Securities, said 30 trillion plus funds into the stock market makes batches bull next level! Today, the market continued to attack Laotan think up, and most likely to win a very important strategic Fast 4000-point mark! It would be eight years after a historic bull market A shares! Start with a joke: Merchants suspension, the Board of Directors to discuss the major events, insider news that China Merchants Bank intends to mergers Agricultural Bank, Minsheng Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants B

ank merger called after Bank of migrant workers. Ha ha ha, this bank will be very farmer friends to join in! Closer to home, the reason to get this joke out having fun, because I guess, would force the banks.Many investors friends have an idea that does not move up market shares, plus the depth adjustment in the first quarter of bank shares, while small-cap stocks, stocks have accelerated rise, so that we more convinced of this idea. In fact, this situation is precisely the A-share repeat historic bull market, bull market in 2007, when small-cap stocks also started skyrocketing, the way until 4000, large cap blue chip start relay, holding a small-cap stock  air jordan sale   friend Only looking at banks and other blue-chip pull away. Of course, now not to go crazy when bank stocks, the kind of crazy story have to wait until at least the end of 6000 was staged two cattle.Hope we do not have such a hurry to see the kind of story, because the more you play the whole night, the bigger gains. Look Me In fact, now, in the future months, banks will be put on various concepts, will be positive again and again, the introduction of credit assets weekend registration system is one issue, then banks will begin to flourish, took turns performing. Societe Generale has been dominate for a while, perhaps, the next play is a small trick, we did not see that she had quit vision, go backstage makeup yet  Merchants have recruited a small zoom Oh, and Shanghai Pudong. . . In short, we must hold it!After the rally,

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Le 10 avril 2015, 12:05 dans Humeurs 0

of gate signs of market access mechanism and market management approach, and complete system testing, it may not reality this year floodgates.Yet to approve any agency officially opened the Internet sale of color"Notice" clearly to the Internet in the form of sales of lottery, is to change the way Lotte  air jordan 29 online  ry. Under the Ministry of Civil Affairs or the State Sports General Administration agreed to the premise, the China Welfare Lottery Management Center or the National Sports Lottery Management Center to apply to the Ministry of Finance, may be sold only after approval.eanwhile, the recent relaxation of real estate, pension investment local debt, supply and marketing reforms, credit asset securitization, visible in the short term policy to do more attitude will not be reversed, which means that the opportunity to continue the reform of irritation, which will lead to the main daring to do more. Although the new round of IPO forthcoming, but in incremental funding and bullish sentiment continued to strengthen the atmosphere, the market outlook will remain strong shocks. For now, the market away from subscription of new shares

 and economic data, such as time-critical nodes in some time, and the 4000 attack short-term market conditions have been met, the market needs to complete the task as soon as possible the impact, and then use the subscription of new shares to complete the transaction node near whipsaw, after all 4000 is a big integer mark, its technical role, psychological significance are no trivial matter, prior to this, investors do not have too much attention to local fluctuations in the index, is the only strategy to concentrate on doing more. Overall, Wang Dabin think, now we do not easily made the top, because this is the result of management "led" Some   air jordan 4 sale   people sing the air called "crazy" is not really crazy, so-called overheating, too Not really overheated. They think that the stock market fire, hot stocks all the people, are at high risk signal! They believe that the new approach is not rational investors turbulent, the liberation of the old shareholders, and ultimately become cannon fodder! They put the stock market as it is not rational, high-risk, high risk! In fact, after the continuous rise, the emergence of a few days of technical

shock consolidation is not impossible, and this is only a small possibility that episode, because the accelerated rise of the whole process does not end, investors will remain continue to rise. However, although the market is expected to winning in 4000, but investors have not caught on the market if the main line is not covered led faucet, it is still hard to get rid of underperforming the broader market, even Mancang Ta doom. Thus, in the current squandering charming eyes of the market, clutching led faucet, is our top priority. In the configuration, Wang Dabin think, short subject shares from the start, the middle can start from the blue chips, the specific operation, financial stocks continue to follow up on bargain-hunting; and nonferrous metals, electricity, chemicals may be bargain-  air jordan 1 cheap  hunting interest; and state-owned enterprise reform, along the way and so the focus is still the medium term. In addition, military and other subject shares or repeated active, can focus on. In short, in order to keep up with the hot money, is the key to find the bull stock! Well, we live to see the real dish!Tuesday slight concussion stock index opened higher, continue to expand the space up: Shanghai and Shenzhen stock, small plates GEM mean are reaching record highs. From the side view, banks substantial upside, or nearly 3 percent, to become the market's Stand; highways, railways, airports shipping, Fujian FTA, colored, private hospitals, and environmental protection sector r

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